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Weekly Review Service

In Service on June 15, 2011 at 7:34 pm

How would it be if someone out there was keeping an account of all those things which you wanted to achieve in life, maintaining records of your dreams, desires, goals and aspirations?

We have started ‘Weekly Review Service’ where you would share your goals with us; we will review your goals online say over email and using phone.

  1. Over email/Online – Once every week, as per your prescheduled time.
  2. Over Phone – Twice in a month (5 min duration),
  • Once fixed at the end of month.
  • Other at the middle of month as per your prescheduled time.

This service is free for month after which we would like you to go for premium service by paying Rs.800/- per year.

Our Motto, “We are accountable for you, but you are responsible for yourself.”

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  1. Structure of weekly review service can change depending on improvement feedback from customers.
  2. Call duration will be restricted to 5 min.
  3. Currently we are not in a position to make or take international calls.
  4. Price is subjected to revision anytime.
  5. Review (tracking and monitoring) of goals does not mean receiving motivational, pep-talk call or having someone to listen to reasons or sob stories.
  6. Our free service initially would be limited by the volume of users we could handle.